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Safety Diving Equipment

The Ambient Breathing Valve

Due to the unavailability of The Gill, OTS has created their own version of this valve, known as the ABV-1. This ABV can be retrofitted into existing AGA’s or ordered with new mask purchases. The ABV-1 is a must for all Search & Rescue Teams, Military Divers and Divers who spend time on the surface before a dive and want to conserve breathing gas. Details are below, Call Buckeye today for pricing and delivery times.

The ABV-1 Ambient Breathing Valve allows the user to breathe ambient air at the surface conserving your tank air. It is simple to use and its low profile keeps it out of the way. To use the device, while on the surface simply rotate the valve counterclockwise. The one way valve will open and allow air into the FFM.

The one way valve located on the inside of the FFM ensures that your exhaled air does not go back out the valve. Your exhaled air is sent out through the second stage regulator ensuring you do not get a Co2 “build-up” in the FFM. The valve also is forced closed when diving. The over pressure in the FFM assures that. If you forget to close the valve before diving, the valve disc will help keep water out. When the valve is closed, it has a low profile.

Even when the valve is fully open, the profile only slightly changes. When the valve is open the diver breathes normally. He/she will notice little effort in breathing while he conserves his tank air.

SW-1 360 degree Hose Swivel

AGA hose swivel. Installs on the AGA second stage regulator allowing a standard scuba hose to be used. Allows 360 degree movement with standard scuba hose.

Interspiro Full Face Masks

The Interspiro line of diving full face masks (ffm) are second to none! All have been field proven by Government, Military, Commercial & Public Safety Teams around the world.

The ffm are primarily used with SCUBA but are often utilised with surface supplied gas as well as rebreathers.

The Divator II, commonly referred to as the AGA Mask has been tested by Duke University to 1,800 feet and found to be extremely reliable (unmanned test). Many Professional Divers around the world choose the AGA ffm. With the addition of our ABV-1, ambient breathing valve, standby divers as well as divers on the surface can effortlessly conserve air. All the Interspiro, AGA full face masks featured below have been tested by the U.S. Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) and are approved for Naval use. If you’re looking for the best, you need not look any further. Contact Buckeye today and we will help you choose which AGA ffm is best for you.

Professional Diving Resources 


Professional equipment, fast service and most importantly competent and knowledgeable product support to ensure the safety, efficiency, and consistency of your team’s operations. Our unmatched flexibility in competitive bidding allows us to guarantee your satisfaction and fulfill all your department’s needs.


  • Viking and Gates Vulcanized Dry Suits
  • AGA and Interspiro Full Face Masks
  • OTS Underwater Communication Systems
  • Diving Systems International Super Light Helmets and EXO-26 Full Face Masks
  • Pelican and UK Waterproof cases for delicate equipment
  • Scubapro, Sherwood, Zeagle, Akona, Harveys, Full Lines
  • Mustang Survival Suits and PFDs
  • Dive Rescue International training and equipment
  • Service and Repair

What is the PDR ADVANTAGE?

Professional Diving Resources boasts one of the fastest drysuit repair facilities around. We:

  • Service most makes of drysuits and can have your team back in the water, fast!
  • Are a certified Kirby Morgan Repair Facility and can meet all your commercial or public safety repair needs.
  • Are a certified Interspiro/AGA repair facility and stock most parts so repairs are completed swiftly.
  • Offer annual Service on Scubapro and Aqualung Products to maintain manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
  • Service and repair on other brands including Sherwood, Dacor, Poseidon and Zeagle


Please call us for our current labor rates.