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How to Become a SCUBA Diver

Instructor and students during scuba diving lessons
Snorkel equipment in hands against beach and sky
Portrait of three attractive friends going scuba diving
Scuba gear set up next to a pool

What you’ll do to become an Open Water Diver

SCUBA Diving lessons are divided into two units

Unit One: Orientation, classroom and pool training

SCUBA lessons are offered year round in indoor pool facilities. Typically, there are approximately 18-20 hours of classroom and pool training. The program begins at PDR with a class orientation.
1. Orientation:  Complete liability paperwork including medical questionnaire, view liability video, discuss course materials and provide a curriculum overview, fitting for core diving equipment**
2. Classroom and pool training:  Review digital training material and students learn the basics of scuba diving in a controlled water setting.
3. Training material: Digital training manual contains 6 chapters with video segments, study guide questions at the end of each chapter

4. Final exam will be administered by instructor during classroom review.

Unit 2: Open Water Certification

Upon completion of the classroom/pool training you will then need to finalize your scuba certification by completing 2 days of open water certification dives. This certification takes place over a two-day period where you complete 2 dives each day for a total of 4 open water dives. This must be completed within 12 months following the classroom/pool. If you wait more than 6 months you will need to participate in an additional pool-training dive before completing the certification dives.

The Open Water Certification* can be done locally during the warmer months (at White Star Quarry approximately 1.5 hours west of Cleveland, Ohio), by referral on a vacation, or with PDR on one of our scheduled trips.

Pricing for class requirements:

Class/pool training 18-20 hours including equipment rental $255
Course materials (digital material, logbook, digital certification card) $140
**CORE diving equipment (mask, snorkel, boots, fins, mesh bag, defog $230
Open Water Certification dives*, 2 days with equipment rental $219
Sub total $844

Additional Costs
Accommodations: During Open Water Certification weekends, students are responsible for their own overnight accommodations.
Equipment: While rental equipment is included in the $219 Open Water Certification dive fee, it is the responsibility of the student to pick up the gear needed the day before the Open Water Certification, transport to White Star Quarry, and return equipment the following Monday.  Additional fees for damage to equipment or failure to return rental equipment apply.
Fees: Open Water Certification* locally PDR trainers.
White Star Quarry is privately owned and operated and has the following fees:
1. $20/day entry fee
2. $9/per air fill
3. $15/day per camp site or additional lodging fees for hotel

Referral fees vary depending on site and location but are usually more expensive due to boat and fuel fees, check with the dive shop with which you are planning to dive.

Gloves: begin at $32 and are available at Buckeye.

Good to know

Transportation: It is the responsibility of the student to provide transportation to and from class and to the Open Water Certification Dives at the local quarry.

Wetsuit: Not required, but be strongly recommended. Body heat is lost 25 times quicker in the water than air. We offer a 3mm wetsuit for purchase. Regular price is $189, student price only $139.

Good Job Certified Open Water Diver!

Once you have completed your Open Water Certification dives you are now a certified Scuba Schools International (SSI) diver and have a license to learn. Get out and dive. The first 25 – 50 dives are crucial. As a diver you will want to purchase your own diving system and life support equipment so you are comfortable and enjoy diving. Once you are a diver you are always a diver, as the certification never expires, however, if you do not dive for several years you may be asked to take a refresher course.

Dates for upcoming Beginner SCUBA Diver classes here.