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Drysuit Repair

Professional Diving Resources offers a premium service by a trained technician. Drysuits are an amazing tool to keep divers warm in northern climates and for those who just get chilly diving.  Proper maintenance of a drysuit is essential for optimum performance. We specialize in vulcanized rubber suits, but also service just about every model on the market. Call for a quote.


Need a new drysuit?
New undergarments?
New Accessories?


We proudly carry:

  • 4th Element
  • Viking
  • DUI
  • Waterproof
  • Bare
  • Harvey’s

Dry Suit Repair Services

• Specializing in vulcanized rubber Drysuit sales & repairs, all our repairs are done with genuine Viking parts by a trained technician.
• Although we service all drysuits our focus is on commercial diving, public safety and government gear.
• The general public is welcome.
• We strive to get all repairs completed and back to you within a week.  That being said we will not sacrifice quality to push your gear out the door unless it’s done right.
• All work completed at PDR is guaranteed. We will fix what falls apart. However, this does not cover normal wear and tear, abuse, commercial diving repairs or if suits are used in environments where hazardous chemicals are present. This does not cover the seals, seams or boots wearing out or normal or heavy use. Shipping is always the responsibility of the end user.

Additional services

• Knee pads
• Reinforcements in heavy use areas
• Butt pads
• Pockets
• Shortening of leg or torso length
• P vale installation
• Modifications to valve placements
• Installation of neck rings systems
• Installation of cuff ring systems
• Dry gloves
• Dry rot repair

Payment methods
• All repairs can be paid via MasterCard, Visa or Discover.
• All repairs must be paid in full prior to being mailed back to the customer.
• Payments can be made online via PayPal or can be called in over the phone.

• Shipping costs to and from PDR are the customer’s responsibility. Return freight and insurance will be added to the final price. All packages are shipped via UPS or FedEX to insure ample insurance for your drysuit. We will not use the USPS for return suits or equipment.
• Proper packaging for your suit is very important.
• Please invest in a solid box to ship your dive gear inside.
• Use plenty of packing material to protect your dive gear
• Using a box too small may cause your dive equipment to be damaged in transit
• Always include a packing slip inside the box
• Name
• Address
• Phone number (cell phone and or work number)
• Email address

Services to be performed

Pressure testing
Pressure testing is the key to success when servicing a drysuit.  All suits will be pressure tested, evaluated and an estimate will be provided. After approving the estimate we will perform repairs as necessary. We will then test our repairs with another pressure test.