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Repair Center

We have been servicing the diving community for over 50 years. Covering a broad spectrum of repairs here is a list of services we offer:

  • Regulator service (all makes and models)
  • Buoyancy compensator service
  • Dive computer battery replacement
  • Pressure gauge console service
  • Scuba tank hydrostatic testing
  • Cylinder visual inspection
  • Cylinder O2 cleaning
  • Cylinder tumbling
  • Valve service
  • Drysuit repairs
  • Air fills for Scuba, paintball, airsoft and air rifles
  • Nitrox fills
  • Trimix fills
  • Oxygen fills
  • Argon fills

Also offering:

  • Commercial diving specialty services
  • Kirby Morgan annual helmet inspections
  • Minor gel coat repairs to Kirby Morgan fiberglass helmets
  • Insert replacements on Kirby Morgan fiberglass helmets
  • Full face mask repairs (AGA, Guardian, EXO, M48)
  • Swift water and ice diving suit repairs
  • Communication rope repairs
  • Communication module repairs
  • Communication box repairs (Kirby Morgan)


PDR is also an authorized dealer for the following companies, call or e-mail us for a price quote and description.

  • Viking Drysuits
  • Ocean Technology Systems (OTS)
  • Zeagle
  • Sherwood
  • Atomic
  • Drysuits
  • Gates Drysuits
  • DECA
  • Mustang Survival Suits
  • Pelican
  • Underwater Kinetics
  • X-Cel Wetsuits
  • Aquatic Optics
  • Night Rider Lighting
  • Olympus Cameras
  • Lights in Motion cameras
  • Amphibico Housings
  • Carter Lift Bags
  • Sub Sal Lift Bags
  • and many, many others.

Please call for service pricing information.