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Importance of owning your own dive equipment

The Importance of Buying Gear from Authorized Dealers and Owning Your Own Dive Equipment

Owning diving equipment represents a long-term investment in fun and safety. A good set of gear can last through years of diving and travel, take you to unforgettable experiences in incredible underwater environments, and bring you home safely. It is important to buy the right gear for the type of diving you will do, ensure that it fits and is comfortable, be trained in its use and keep it serviced at recommended intervals.

Diving’s equipment manufacturers sell and service their products through a network of authorized dealers. These dealers understand the product features, benefits and applications, are authorized to fit, assemble and service your gear and are your link to the manufacturer for sales, service, and performance, warranty, notification and upgrade issues.

It is very possible for you to purchase dive gear from unauthorized dealers and not be aware. For example, many internet sellers acquire products through gray market channels (third-party). They may not be authorized to sell or service, are not trained by the manufacturer, may not ship items assembled, may sell without original parts, etc. Some manufacturers do not warrant products sold by unauthorized resellers.

Dive gear is incredibly dependable, but it is life-support equipment, engineered to take you where humans aren’t designed to go. Each piece of gear has a specialized purpose, and the aspects surrounding product education, fit, function, and service may be as important to you personally as is the equipment itself. It’s all part of the value equation, and why it is important to buy your equipment only through authorized dealers.

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