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Steve Bowles, President

Steve Bowels, President PDR

Steve Bowles, also known as Scuba Steve, has over 20 years of diving experience. His journey began in 1991 when he became a certified diver. He was hooked from the start and, as they say, the rest is history.

He secured a job with Buckeye Diving School in 1993 and there he continued his diving education. He entered the professional diving industry by becoming an assistant instructor and became Buckeye's service technician which allowed him to learn all about diving equipment from the inside out. In 1999 Steve became a scuba instructor and achieved a Full Trimex Certification diving to depths up to 300'.

In August 200 Steve acquired Buckeye Diving School from the original owners, Paul and Sandy Reynolds. 2001 marked a decade of diving for Steve and he completed the Instructor Trainer/Certifier Rating with Scuba Schools International; the highest rating achievable. Steve has continued to expand his abilities to teach various programs and lead diving tours to destinations around the world. He has certified over 1,800 divers and has logged over 3,000 hours of dive time. He has amassed certifications as a technical diving instructor, semi-closed breather instructor, and is certified to teach over 16 SSI specialties in addition to also being a CPR/First Aid instructor trainer.

Steve has been working on diving equipment for over 20 years and is a certified repair technician for all Kirby Morgan equipment, AGA Intersperio, Scubapro, Aqualung, Guardian, Sherwood, Atomic, Mares, Tusa, Genesis, Zeagle, and various smaller companies. Steve also has worked closely with fire and police departments in 9 different state outfitting local dive teams with the proper equipment for the job.

Steve brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He understands diver's needs and is committed to doing the job the right way the first time. He has extensive experience working with surface supplied air systems, air compressors, full face masks, diving helmets, communication systems, high and low pressure diving systems, breathing regulators, umbilical lines, diving training, and instructor development. He has assisted multiple dive team set-ups from start to finish, swift water needs, and drysuit repair. He has also created maintenance programs to keep dive teams up and running, even when personnel changes take place. He continues his connection with commercial divers nationwide with equipment sales and servicing needs.

Steve remains passionate about sharing his passion for diving and his love of the ocean and all that dwells within.