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Stephen Gross, Instructor

Steve Gross started diving in 1980’s as he thought it would be good fun.  He began diving in either Florida or Texas.  Steve is a certified instructor with PDR.  Over the years Steve has around 1,000 logged dives.  He has multiple certifications throughout his years of diving.  Steve is mostly proud of his cave diving certification.  During his teaching he expects every student to learn and HAVE FUN while doing it. When Steve was asked what is your favorite class to teach and why, his reply was “Open Water because it’s the only one I have done so far”. Steve wants you as a student to “Not be that guy” and to do things right.  He wants you to be proper and do things correctly so you learn the safe way to dive.  Steve likes helping folks have that “light bulb” moment when they begin to “get it”.  That’s such a rewarding feeling as an instructor.  If Steve had to take any classes over again, his choice would be all them but he liked technical diving class the most.  Steve’s number one rule in diving is to do whatever Scuba Steve says!!! 😉

Steve is a Capricorn born on December 31.  His favorite color is all the primary colors but BRIGHT yellow especially.  Steve enjoys flying, golf, and tennis in his spare time.  One of his favorite places to dive is The Caribbean (Bonaire or St. Lucia) because he likes going to different countries to meet different groups of people and experiencing what they think is cool, exciting, and beautiful. Also, because there is so much good diving in a small geographical area.  One place Steve would like to dive is every pretty location over the world.  Although all the different fish are cool, big giant sea turtles are his favorite animal to see down under.  Steve symbolizes a fish because fish like water.  If you get a beer/candy penalty or just want to show your gratitude towards Steve, his choice of candy would be a Payday, Butterfinger or Babe Ruth and his choice of alcohol is Kentucky Bourbon.

A quote for you from Steve: “Changing your behavior doesn’t produce love.  Love produces changed behavior.”