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Ryan Procop, Instructor

Ryan Procop started diving in 2007 to achieve his goal of becoming a Rescue Diver.  Since then, he has become a Captain for the Lyndhurst Fire Department.  Ryan is certified as an instructor with PDR.  He has a large range of certifications including dry suit, full face mask, EAN (Nitrox), ice diving, public safety diving, and also a med diver.  During his teaching he expects every student to be attentive,  to be open to diving as a new experience, and also most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! When Ryan was asked what is your favorite class to teach and why, his reply was “Basic Open Water, it gives me the opportunity to see the progression of the students from the first time seeing any dive gear all the way to that final check out dive when I get to say Congratulations, You’re a DIVER!!!”  Ryan loves helping new students realize a new goal and reach that goal with the students by sharing his knowledge.  He also loves for students to ask questions because you don’t know what you don’t know.  Asking questions makes you never stop learning. If Ryan had to take any classes over again, his choice would be all of them and more due to the fact that knowledge, skills, and practice make us better divers.  Ryan’s number one rule in diving is breath in, breath out, and repeat as necessary.

Ryan is a Libra born on October 03.  His favorite color is blue.  Besides diving, Ryan enjoys doing home improvement projects, playing golf, and traveling the world.  One of his favorite places to dive is Aruba because it is warm water, unlimited visibility, and a variety of dive sites.  One place Ryan would like to explore is Iceland so he can dive between the 2 continental plates.  Sea turtles are his favorite to see down under.  Ryan symbolizes a dolphin as he likes to play and have fun, but is willing to protect and heal which makes him an amazing asset to PDR.  The craziest underwater sighting he has ever seen was sand tiger sharks.  If you get a beer/candy bar penalty or just want to show your gratitude towards Ryan,  his choice of candy is a Snickers bar and his choice of beer would be fall or winter beers.

A quote for you from Ryan: “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.”