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Craig Zwegat, Instructor

Craig Zwegat started diving in 2009 at White Star Quarry.  He wanted to begin a new adventure that was completely different.  Since then, Craig has gained many certifications to teach multiple classes and make safe divers.  He has lost count on how many dives he currently has logged but it is very well over 600 dives.  Craig became a certified instructor for PDR in 2019.  During his teaching, Craig expects every student to be safe, confident, courteous and respectful divers; not only to other divers, but to the undersea world and what it represents.  When Craig was asked what is his favorite class to teach and why, his reply was, “Open water, I love watching students go from beginners to becoming confident and safe divers.  Craig loves to share his passion of diving with others as they progress into amazing divers.  If Craig had to take any classes over it would be Stress and Rescue, you become a better diver as a result.

Craig’s number one rule in diving is to NEVER HOLD YOUR BREATH, ALWAYS BREATHE!!!

Craig is a Sagittarius born on November 25th.  His favorite color is blue.  Besides diving, Craig enjoys skiing, traveling, and just spending time in his yard.  Craig does not have a favorite place to dive as he has always gained some kind of experience from the places he has dove in the past.  A place Craig would like to explore is Australia to dive with the great white sharks and to see The Great Barrier Reef.  Dolphins are his favorite marine animal to see down under.  If you get a beer/candy penalty or just want to show your gratitude towards Craig, his choice of candy is Lemonheads and his choice of alcohol would be a good bourbon, Woodford Reserve in particular.

A quote for you from Craig: “Have a great day.  Make it count.”