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Anne Gecowets, Instructor

Anne Gecowets started diving to become her mothers dive buddy as her mother loved to dive in Belize. Since then, Anne realized that she has a passion for diving and continued her training to become a Scuba Instructor. Anne is now one of Professional Diving Resources instructor since 2019. Anne currently has around 650 logged dives. During her teaching she expects every student to be prepared, do the online classes, and have your gear ready to go. When Anne was asked what is your favorite class to teach and why, her reply was “I like teaching OWD
(Open Water Diving), it’s fun to see students first reactions to diving.” Anne loves watching students appreciate the underwater world. She wants you to relax as new skills take time to conquer. If Anne had to take any classes again, her choice would be AOW (Advanced Open Water). She feels as if her class was not the greatest and she could have learned more. Anne’s number one rule in diving is to “Have fun, I mean breath continuously.”

Anne is a Cancer born on June 23, a long time ago. LOL! ! ! Her favorite color is Blue. Besides diving, Anne enjoys to swim, hike with her husband and dog, and do crossword puzzles. One of her favorite places to dive is probably Belize because the reef is amazing and she has been there many times and has made amazing memories. If Anne could travel anywhere to dive, she stated that she would go back to Belize because the dives are great and there are land base activities she would like to do. Eagle Rays are so graceful and Anne’s favorite sea animal to see down under the surface. Anne symbolizes a puffer fish as she is kind of short, round and swims pretty well. Q The craziest underwater sighting she has ever seen was in Galapagos, the sea lions would try and play with you like puppies. Anne said that was a lot of fun. If you get a beer/candy penalty or just want to show your gratitude towards Anne, her choice of candy is a Payday and her choice of alcohol would be Rum Punch.

A quote for you from Anne:  “Don’t worry about the mule going blind, just load the wagon.”