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Starfish Rating System

Scuba Steve has been traveling the world for many years and in those years we have learned a few things about running a smooth trip.  One thing we learned is not every dive is suited for every diver.  Divers experience is key to having a fun, safe and exciting vacation.

We created a “Starfish” rating system to help you find trips Buckeye Scuba offers to fit your level of experience.  Here is how our rating system works.  Each level helps place level of diver experience and also diving conditions expected on the trip.

starfish2Starfish Level 1:

A super easy dive trip with no currents, excellent visibility, guided with a diving professional in shallow waters.  This is a perfect trip for the newbie diver or someone heading out to complete open water certification dives. Depth ranges here are 40′ or less day light hours only.  Perfect for a diver with 12 or less dives, example… our local training quarry, Whitestar.  Open water scuba certification highest level of training.


starfish2starfish2Starfish Level 2:

On this dive trip divers may encounter very mild currents, good warm clear water and dive with a professional guide.  This has depth ranges between 20′-60′.  Divers may dive on reefs or wrecks in daylight hours.  Diver has 24 or less dives and 1-2 specialty courses taken.   This diver has recently purchased their own gear, is learning fast and taking a big trip would have a huge, positive impact.


starfish2starfish2starfish2Starfish Level 3:

Perfect for the up and coming diver.  This trip involves more challenge, currents, night diving, cold water, limited visibility conditions.  This diver has all the right equipment and understands how to use it.  This is an average rating for most dives. Most dives are accompanied by a dive leader or divers are comfortable diving in buddy teams away from group.  Dive depths will range up to 130′.  This diver holds their advanced rating has between 40-50 dives and is seeking adventure.  This is an average rating and fits most divers ability and comfort level.


starfish2starfish2starfish2starfish2Starfish Level 4:

For the seasoned veteran who has been on multiple trips and has a wide range of experience in many conditions from currents, deep dives, slightly more challenging entries and exits,  night diving and international dive and travel experience.  This diver is comfortable diving in deeper depths and can handle diving in small groups without a dive leader. Diver has 50-100 dives holds a master diver rating and has perfected buoyancy.    Dives are relaxing yet sometimes a challenge that make the experience fabulous.

Starfish Level 5:


Fits the hardcore diving lifestyle.  The diver  has hundreds of dives or more under their belt.  Great challenging dives  keep diving exciting.  This diver will brave any condition from wet to dry suit and fresh to salt water to dive the most amazing dives regardless of location.  These are dives Scuba Steve would do!  100+ dives with elevated ratings, most likely a professional one.  These dives tend to be big trips around the world, living on boats and diving remote dives.  This also can mean remote locations, living conditions and long travel times that add additional stress for some divers.